About 4kenmcfarland.com

“Often, just around the corner is where the solution will happen.”   – Sir James Dyson

Society has taught us to believe that something can be learned from one’s experiences.  If so, what better venue than to share stories as hope and encouragement for those who want more, need to improve their current situation, or have a desire to succeed?

This site is for all those professionals, dreamers, closet entrepreneurs, established business owners, individual contributors, organizational leaders, civic leaders, teachers, students, family, friends and youth who have that burning desire to make a change, do more, improve their business, their situation, their lives. 

Walt Disney once said, “all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.  Disney himself attempted and failed many times prior to achieving success just as so many others have experienced overwhelming failures, yet managed to contribute to our history and our lives.

It all begins with a healthy desire to want more, setting goals for achievement, determining your sources for inspiration and then having the courage to make your dreams come true. 

May this site be a source for hope and inspiration.  I look forward to hearing from you so we can witness your triumphs and share in the joy of  your successes.

Enjoy the journey!

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