What is the role of wealth in creating happiness? Can money make you happy?

It has been said that “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” This very statement has been the basis of great debate across society for ages and the topic for which I have felt important to comment about today.

What is the role of wealth in creating happiness? By successfully achieving financial wealth, there is absolute peace of mind knowing that you have achieved financial security. This security reduces the worry of everyday life and allows you to focus on other goals whether educational, spiritual, emotional or physical goals. The argument could be further made that although wealth alone cannot make you happy, not having worry about financial security is indeed a much happier way to live.

Can money make you happy? For the short term, money can make any person happy. However, the simple pursuit for financial gain is a short term sense of happiness and not necessarily a long lasting state of mind.

As written in the opening paragraph of this document, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” I believe that is a true statement. However, it is what you do with your wealth that will ultimately determine the level of happiness in your life.

In a speech written and delivered by Hugh B. Brown during an address to BYU College students in 1969, he said, “The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart, this you will build your life by, this you will become.” Such an impactful statement by Brown that teaches us that a vision which begins our mind will ultimately be what we become.
Those who would argue that money doesn’t buy happiness would be correct. The happiness comes from having financial resources sufficient to fund the desires of your heart. A person who desires to help the homeless can do so much more if they have sufficient funds. A person who desires to reduce the number of children who go to bed hungry will be able to feed more children if they have a sufficient supply of money.

What matters most is what is in your heart. If you desire to do good, then financial wealth becomes the vehicle to obtain those goals. If you desire to finance your own selfish wants, then a time will come in your life where money alone would not bring you that happiness. There will never be enough money in the world to help you be happy if you lack a purpose filled life.

Ultimately, the decision to be happy is up to you; Let financial wealth be the vehicle to fund those goals that you have. Do not let the pursuit of money be your driving force, because the pursuit alone is not the prize. Let your passion to serve others and achieve specific goals. In that, there is joy. In that, money can finance your happiness.

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