Patriotism… Pass It On

September 12, 2016


Patriotism has a different meaning for many people.  For some it is as deeply embedded as a core belief, such as religion or love of family.  I have always been proud to be an American where I have been given the opportunity to pursue my dreams, chart my own course, savor the successes, and learn […]

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What is the role of wealth in creating happiness? Can money make you happy?

June 7, 2014


It has been said that “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” This very statement has been the basis of great debate across society for ages and the topic for which I have felt important to comment about today. What is the role of wealth in creating happiness? By successfully achieving financial wealth, there is absolute peace of […]

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Looking Forward With Hope & Optimism

January 1, 2014


Sir James Dyson once said, “Often, just around the corner is where the solution will happen.”  Ringing in a new year is an opportunity for each of us to evaluate our individual successes or disappointments from the year behind us and also look forward with a renewed commitment for our goals in the year ahead.    As we look […]

Personal & Professional Mission Statements

September 7, 2013



Two weeks ago I was attending a course at the University of Georgia when our instructor lead us into a most interesting conversation about “a mission statement”. This writing exercise wasn’t about a corporate statement, but rather a life statement that embodied both our professional & personal life. In many cases, the collective “we” keep […]

An Eagle’s Promise

September 5, 2013



This evening I was honored to attend a BSA Court of Honor where a young man from Troop 115 was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout. This exceptional young man was the second in his family to follow his father’s example as an Eagle Scout and has lived his life in a most exemplary manner. […]

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Take Me Out To The Ballgame

June 26, 2013


Over the last few years I have been afforded the opportunity to attend MLB Games in various ballparks. Orioles at home in Baltimore, Oakland A’s in the Bay, Diamondbacks in Arizona and even my home town Braves in Atlanta. It was last week while attending a Washington Nationals game that I experienced a humbling and […]

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Thought for the day… Is your happiness tied to person, place or thing?

April 28, 2013


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